Why should educators care about SoaS?

Basically, SoaS makes it possible for anyone to create and run a single user private virtual world that works offline on their computer hard drive or inside a USB flash drive.

Why should educators care about SoaS?

Sim-on-a-Stick can be especially useful for educators interested in virtual learning environments who are working in schools where:

· there is no access to the Internet, and no OpenSim private grid available;

· there is access to the Internet but also a firewall that prevents them from using any public OpenSim grid.

Sim-on-a-Stick can also be very useful for educators who want to create a safe, easy to use, single user virtual learning environment that each student can take with them on a USB flash drive, and run on their home computer without having to install anything else on it – and without having to access the Internet.

To learn more about using SoaS, go to “An Introduction to Sim-on-a-Stick


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