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How to turn Sim-on-a-Stick into a Multi-user Platform

One of the questions about Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS) educators tend to ask me a lot is: "Can more than one user access the same copy of SoaS at the same time?" 
Many of you reading this post probably know by now that Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS) is a "standalone, single user Windows package of OpenSim that runs on a USB flash drive or other convenient location."
So, basically the question they're asking is: "Can single-user SoaS be turned into a multi-user SoaS?" And the answer is: Yes. It is is technically possible to have several computers access the same copy of SoaS at the same time. Unfortunately, doing that will not be as simple as running Sim-on-a-Stick for the first time. The good news is that there is a step-by-step guide explaining how to do it. Turning SoaS into a Multi-User Platform The process of creating a 'Multi-User SoaS' has two main steps:
You will need to create a LAN (Local Area Network) in your classroom. If you don't know how to…