An Introduction to Sim-on-a-Stick

The purpose of this page it to help educators interested in learning more about Sim-on-a-Stick and how they can integrate virtual worlds into their educational projects, even when there's no access to the Internet at their schools. Here, educators will find all the information they need to start teaching with SoaS.

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What is Sim-on-a-Stick?

Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS) is a standalone, single user Windows package of OpenSim that runs on a USB flash drive or other convenient location (like a computer hard drive).

Essentially, SoaS makes it possible for anyone to create and run a single user private virtual world that works offline on their computer or inside a USB flash drive.

Sim-on-a-Stick can be especially useful for educators who are working in schools where:

· there is no access to the Internet, and no OpenSim private grid available;

· there is access to the Internet but also a firewall that prevents them from using any public OpenSim grid.

Sim-on-a-Stick can also be very useful for educators who want to create a safe, easy to use, single user virtual learning environment that each student can take with them on a USB flash drive, and run on their home computer without having to install anything else on it – and without having to access the Internet.

Video Presentation:

Using Sim-on-a-Stick to Create and Save Virtual Worlds Offline
(Subtitles in English available)

Video Tutorials:

How to install Sim-on-a-Stick on your computer's hard drive

How to load OAR files into Sim-on-a-Stick

Useful Links:

Where to Find Free Content for SoaS (and OpenSim)  (Mesh models only. To find free content turn min and max prices to zero.)

How to install Sim-on-a-stick on a USB drive:

How to turn Sim-on-a-stick into a Multi-user platform:
Warning: I’ve never tried this myself, so I can't guarantee it'll work.

Examples of educational projects using Sim-on-a-Stick:

What about the firewall? Creating virtual worlds in a public primary school using Sim-on-a-Stick


Coffs Harbour Public School Sim-on-a-Stick Projects


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