OAR and IAR files: what is the difference?

OAR and IAR files are very useful but they can be a bit confusing at first.

OpenSimulator Archive (OAR)

The OpenSimulator Archive (OAR) function has existed since OpenSimulator 0.5.9. The facility does a similar job to load-xml2/save-xml2 in that it saves prims so that they can be later reloaded. However, OpenSimulator archives (OAR) go a step further in that they can save all the necessary asset data so that you may fully restore the terrain, region parcel data, the textures of objects and their inventories when loaded onto a completely different system using a different asset database.

OpenSimulator Inventory Archives (IARs)

OpenSimulator Inventory Archives (IARs) are a means by which inventory folders and items can be saved offline to a single file (an IAR). This file can then be loaded into a different OpenSimulator installation. Like OpenSim Archives, IARs save all the necessary asset data required to fully restore the items including textures, sounds, scripts and objects contained in the inventory of other objects. IARs have been enabled in OpenSimulator since Git revision 5a64ca (OpenSimulator 0.6.7 and later).

Watch this video and find out more about IAR and OAR files:

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