Do I have to install SoaS on a USB flash drive?

Here's another frequently asked question:
"Do I have to install Sim-on-a-Stick on a USB flash drive?"
No, you don't.

It's true that SoaS stands for Sim-on-a-Stick (as in USB flash drive or 'stick'), but if you decide to install it on your computer hard drive it will probably work faster.

So when should you run SoaS on a USB flash drive?
Here are a few examples:
  • When you're planning to work on your SoaS projects using different computers (e.g. at school and at home), it might be better to have everything you need inside a USB flash drive.

  • The same applies when you're giving a presentation and you want to show your audience what it's like to actually use a virtual world. If you're not using your own computer for the presentation it's probably safer to have all you need on a USB flash drive than to expect to be able to install SoaS, plus a Viewer and OAR files, on the computer available at the venue.

  • Also, when you want your students to work with SoaS on their computers it'll make sense to create copies of Sim-on-a-Stick, Viewer and OAR files on several USB flash drives (as many as your students).


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